Wheel of FortuneDo you want to watch Wheel of Fortune being taped live, as part of the studio audience? Would you like to see Pat & Vanna in person? Well, here's your chance.

Tickets are free, and easy to get.

Just phone (818) 985-8811, or better yet, just click here to get your tickets right now - online, and print them out right on your computer's own printer.

If you prefer, you can write to the studio for tickets, by sending a postcard with your name address and your daytime phone number to:

   Wheel of Fortune Tickets
   10202 W. Washington Blvd., Suite 5300
   Culver City, CA 90232.

Be sure to mail your request at least a month in advance, and let them know when you want to attend and how many people will attend.

Remember: never pay for tickets to a TV taping!

The studios give these tickets away for free, to make sure they have an audience for the show tapings.

There are some people out there who actually sell these same tickets for up to $25 each. Don't be gullible. Get them your tickets for free.

During your visit, you'll get a peek inside the Sony Entertainment Studios in Culver City, where the show is taped. This studio was formerly home to the historic M-G-M Studios, where some of Hollywood's favorite movies were filmed, including "The Wizard of Oz" and "Gone With the Wind". It's currently the home of Columbia/TriStar Pictures.

For the quickest results, get your tickets online now, and you can print them out right on your computer's own printer.